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Chicken Liver Brandy and Herb Pâté 120g

The first recipe we made 30 something years ago in Maggie's kitchen at Faraway. Cooked for The Uppercrust, a posh restaurant which once perched high on the horse shoe pass in Wales. It tasted good at 1,200 ft and judging by the amount we sell, it must taste good wherever you eat it. Patchwork soon took over every nook and cranny of Faraway so we decided to move to our purpose built factory kitchen here in Ruthin North Wales.

Chicken Liver Cointreau and Orange Pâté 120g

One of our original five, the combination of a gung-ho attitude and no duck liver supplier: duck a l'orange without the duck liver.

Drunken Duck (Duck Liver, Rum & Prune Pâté) 450g

There’s a lovely story about some ducks that got dead drunk when their feeding pond had been contaminated by a barrel of beer. The landlady of the pub found them, plucked them and almost had them ready for the oven before they came around. Full of remorse she knitted little waistcoats for them to wear until their feathers grew back.

Kiln Roast Salmon Pâté - 110g

In this pâté, made with the Lord of the high seas and rivers, instead of the cured fish being engulfed in cold smoke it is hot smoke that is used. Effectively cooking the fish as it is smoked or as the name implies roasting it in a kiln. This imparts an almost meaty texture to the pâté. Our family favourite of the fish range.

Stilton and Fig Pâté 120g

Many moons ago Tracklements (you know them, that fabulous mustard and relish company from the west country) made a fig relish and they won one of the top awards at the Great Taste Awards with this relish. Stilton and figs had always been one of our favourite combinations on the cheese board. So we thought what a great combination it would be Patchwork Pâté and Tracklements – Stilton & Fig Relish – say no more.

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