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Festive Duck (Duck Liver, Brandied Fruits & Pecan Pâté) 120g

How do you make a duck festive? Feeding it with all those dried fruits, candied peels and pecan nuts that you find in a Christmas pudding won’t do the job unless you’ve soaked them in brandy first, so that’s what we do. Making all the fruit plump with alcoholic infusion, actually its enough to make anyone festive let alone the duck!

Partridge & Pear with Sloe Gin 120g

We’ve often thought that the 12 days of Christmas was a quiz about pâtés flavours. It’s almost a call to arms for a pâté maker. Some of the clues are quite subtle but this is one of the obvious ones that we couldn’t resist putting into action.

Stilton & Cranberry 120g

The ultimate Christmas pâté. We are often asked to make a unique Christmas pâté and why we have not made this one before is a mystery! Made with award-winning Stilton from Cropwell Bishop, this vegetarian delight is perfect to enjoy on its own with crackers – or better still, as a very special sauce with your turkey.